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A1Office: Online Excel Editor

If you need to edit xlsx files online, create, open and edit worksheet, using A1Office Excel Editor Online - XLS Editor is the fastest and best alternative.
If you've ever used MS Excel, editing on our free MS Excel Online Editor should be a piece of cake.

Open, Create and Edit Excel File Online Using Our Online Excel Sheet Editor Tool

If you need to edit excel file online in different formats using common browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, without purchasing or installing any excel editor, then A1Office Online Excel Sheet Editor – XLS Editor is exactly what you need! Go to A1Office Homepage and select XLS Editor to create csv file online and access the free online excel editor.

 With our online csv editor, which can be used on various browsers, just like our A1Office Docx Editor, for free without any registration or installation, you can now create, open and edit worksheets online. Our Online Excel Sheet Editor supports XLSX, XLSM, and XLS file formats. 

The xls viewer can be accessed from any Windows PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet with internet access.

How to Edit Excel Sheet Online?

Find out how to edit excel sheet in following steps:

  1. Go to A1Office Homepage.
  2. Select XLS Editor. 
  3. To begin viewing and editing the excel file, select Open from File Tab.
  4. Upload the desired xls/xlsx file from your computer on Online Excel Sheet Editor.
  5. File will be automatically rendered for you to view/edit/download instantly.
  6. View & edit document.
  7. Save the edited Excel file as .xlsx, .xls, .csv or pdf formats.

How to Edit Excel File Online with A1Office Online Excel Sheet Editor?

Do you need to create csv file online, view or edit xls/xlsx files online? Need to do some quick edits to an excel file? Just go to our XLS Editor to access online excel sheet editor and create csv online, edit the xlsx file online and edit the excel file online.

Getting Started with Online Microsoft Excel Editor

In order to use MS Excel, users must have enough free storage space on their devices to install Microsoft Office Suite.
As a result, if you do not want to pay for a costly Microsoft Office Suite, you can use the alternatives to Microsoft Excel to edit excel files online. Although there are several Online Microsoft Excel Editor desktop applications similar to Excel, we are mandated to register and install them on our device. Instead, we can try some online alternatives to Excel without the need for any installation like our A1office excel editor. 

Try Our Excel Editor For Free

USPs of A1Office XLS Editor:

Our Main USPs:

  • Our Excel Editor is free to use tool
  • Edit excel file online without registration
  • Our online CSV editor does not need any installation or plugins
  • You can also access our online XLS File Viewer on mobile phones. 
  • A free online excel editor tool — A1Office XLS Editor is supported by all modern browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Features of A1Office Online Excel Sheet Editor - XLS Editor

Features and characteristics of A1Office Online Excel Sheet Editor – XLS Editor:

  • Create, open and edit worksheets online
  • Allows users to create a new file or work on the existing file
  • Create CSV file online without any plugin or software installation
  • Styles management including Font sizes & colors
  • Insert columns/rows/tables/images.
  • Delete row/column
  • Advanced find & replace/regular expressions/special characters
  • Spreadsheet functions
  • Calculate formulas
  • Render Charts & Shapes, Edit Comments
  • Compatible with all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android & iOS)
  • Password-protected and User-friendly interface

Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit a csv file?

For general editing of CSV file contents, a plain text editor just like A1Office Online Excel Sheet Editor – XLS Editor is a good choice. It can also be used to create csv file online for extensive transformations that include adding columns, deleting columns, deleting or modifying rows based on key values.

What is a .CSV file?

CSV is an abbreviation for comma-separated values. It is a file that consists of large databases. It is used to transfer files from one program to the other, and is not meant to store files in the long run. You can open these files with a bunch of programmes, but Excel is the one everyone uses.

What tools and features can Online Microsoft Excel Editor users access?

In short: just like any excel editor, XLS Editor comes with a three tools: File, Insert, and Home. First tool contains buttons to create excel file, open excel file and saving the edited excel file. The second button is for inserting links, images and charts. The Home button includes elements like Undo, Cut, Copy, Font Styles & Sizes, Text Color, Fill Color, Borders, Horizontal & Vertical Alignment, Wrap Text, Conditional Formatting, Find & Replace, Sort & Filter, etc. Other tools include Formulas, Data (to protect spreadsheets) and view headers, hide gridlines, freeze panes/rows/columns.

Does Excel Editor require an internet connection when a document is loaded and opened?

Yes, our Online Microsoft Excel Editor is a client-server tool where WYSIWYG editor (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) is only a facade for a server-based software. If your internet connection goes down while you’re creating an excel file online, you won’t be able to save or download it.

Is it safe to use the excel sheet online editor A1Office XLS Editor?

Yes. Our xlsx editor is a reliable and safe tool. It’s usage scenario implies that you select and open an excel file, edit it and then save and download the edited version, and that’s all. All the edited files will be automatically deleted from our servers after 24 hours after uploading and downloading the excel file. Moreover, our free online excel editor is password protected. You can a set a password for the entire spreadsheet, workbook, or separate sheet. Hide formulas to keep them private. Lock cells, shapes, and text. Enable editing only in specified ranges. 

Can I Edit excel file on Mac OS, Android or Linux using A1Office XLS Editor?

Yes, you can use our MS Excel Online Editor on any OS that supports web browsing. Our xlsx editor online tool works smoothly on all operating system and does not require any software installation.

What browsers does A1Office XLS Editor support?

You can use any modern browser to edit excel file online, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Does A1Office XLS Editor have any mobile application?

Just like any other WYSIWYG-based excel sheet online editor, our A1Office XLS Editor is a web-based online excel sheet editor and does not have any mobile application. However, it is compatible to open and run with browsers like Chrome and Safari on Android phones and iPhones respectively. You can however, install XLSX viewer: XLS File Viewer & Reader from Google Play Store on Android phones as a default XLS reader and directly open the XLS/CSV/XLSX/XLSM file from the file manager, email container or web in this spreadsheet reader without opening the application. The XLS viewer: XLS file viewer app is the most efficient office productivity tool to read excel files.

What is a number of times users can create, open and edit worksheet using A1Office XLS Editor?

There are no limits. Users can view, create, edit and download the resultant excel file any number of times.

Is there any contact support for A1Office XLS Editor?

Yes. Users can connect with our team at

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