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Convert Microsoft XPS Document into PDF File

How to Convert XPS to PDF Online?

Converting a document from XPS to PDF format allows you to open and view the document regardless of which program originally created it. XPS is a fixed-layout document format developed by Microsoft, and PDF is a portable document format developed by Adobe. To convert an XPS document to PDF, you can use a free online converter like a1office.
Steps to Convert

Steps to convert XPS to PDf

Following are the steps for conversion
  • list-iconSelect XPS To PDF converter
  • list-iconClick the Choose Files button
  • list-iconSelect the xps file you want to convert to PDF file
  • list-iconYou can also drag and drop your files to the xps to pdf Converter
  • list-iconWait for the tool to convert it to PDF format.
  • list-iconSave and download the PDF file on your computer

Features of A1Office XPS to PDF Conversion Tool:

Following are the features for A1Office Conversion Tool
  • list-iconQuick, accurate conversions – A1Office xps to PDF conversion tool delivers quick, accurate conversions with precision so your documents are reproduced exactly as you need them.
  • list-iconEasy to use – The user interface is simple and easy to navigate, meaning you can convert your documents with minimal fuss.
  • list-iconVersatile format support – Convert xps files to PDF in virtually any document format, including A4, A3, Letter and Tabular formats.
  • list-iconCompatibility with all major platforms – The conversion tool is fully compatible with all the major desktop operating systems, including Windows 10/8/7/XP
  • list-iconAbsolutely free service
  • list-iconNo need to have MS Word on your PC (your file is converted on our servers)
  • list-iconHigh quality PDF
  • list-iconPictures are not lost
  • list-iconImmediate Conversion
features of a1office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Convert Xps to PDF in Mobile?

Our free online tool to Convert Xps to PDF can also be accessed on mobile phones through any modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Follow the steps mentioned below to convert Docx to PDF format.

  1. Go to A1Office Homepage on mobile web browser
  2. Select Xps to PDF Converter and click on Choose Files button
  3. Upload the desired Xps file and will be ready to download in an instant

2. Is there any downloadable version of this XPS to PDF Download Tool?

No, only the online web-based version is available for our online Xps to PDF converter. However, you can also access the Word Document to PDF Converter on Android Phones on Pro Subscription basis through our Mobile Application available to download on Google Play Store.

3. How safe are A1Office Converters?

All the documents uploaded in xps to pdf converter are treated as strictly confidential. The files are stored temporarily on our server, once converted, they are deleted.

4. Is this tool free to use?

The web-based version of Xps to PDF Converter is free of cost, while the mobile application would need users to subscribe for yearly or monthly plans. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

5. Does the web-based conversion tool require an active internet connection?

Yes. Our Tool is a client-server tool and requires a proper internet connection to function. If your internet connection goes down while you’re converting the word document into PDF format, it will not be converted or saved.

6. Can I also edit the converted PDF file on the same window?

Our Converter restricts on-the-go editing, however, you can use our PDF Editor to edit, add text, draw anything or add signature and download the output PDF file again in just a few clicks.