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How to Convert JPEG to JPG Online?

A1Office JPEG to JPG converter is a simple and a powerful tool that helps you convert JPEG to JPG online for free regardless of the device used.

The JPEG file format was created in the time when the file type extensions could only have 3 letter extensions and therefore the JPEG version was shortened to JPG file extension. But with time and the upgradation, the systems started accepting more letter extensions which eventually accepted the use of JPEG file formats.

So there is no such difference between the two formats, it's just about the system versions on which it will get accepted or not.

Many editing softwares by default use .jpg and .jpeg formats. It’s always possible to convert both the file formats either way, while image remaining the same.

The file extension JPG was created due to the necessity and the limitation of the older times. But, still it is now the most used format as compared to JPEG and PNG file formats.

Therefore to convert a JPEG to JPG file you can use an online converter like the A1Office. A1Office JPEG to JPG Converter gives you the freedom to use the tool from anywhere, on any device, and even from mobile phones. Compatible with all current operating systems and modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Steps to Convert

Steps to convert JPEG to JPG

Following are the steps for using the conversion tool:
  • list-iconSelect JPEG to JPG converter
  • list-iconClick the Choose Files button
  • list-iconNow Select the JPEG file you want to convert to JPG file format
  • list-iconYou can also drag and drop your selected files to the JPEG to JPG converter tool
  • list-iconThe tool converts the file from JPEG to JPG within seconds.
  • list-iconSave and download the JPG file on your devices for free.

Features of A1Office JPEG to JPG Conversion Tool:

Following are the features for the A1Office formats Conversion Tool
  • list-iconFast and simple conversion within a few steps.
  • list-iconNo installation or registration required for using the tool.
  • list-iconIt is absolutely free to use without any subscriptions.
  • list-iconIt's a direct conversion tool and does not ask you for multiple conversions to reach your goal of converting to JPG file format.
  • list-iconIt has an easy to use interface having easy understanding options and steps.
  • list-iconConverts the format without losing the quality of the image.
  • list-iconAll transferred files are protected by strong SSL encryption.
  • list-iconPictures are not lost
  • list-iconA1office JPEG to JPG has no size or file number restrictions which makes it suitable for multiple conversions.
features of a1office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Convert JPEG to JPG in Windows?

There are a number of ways to convert a JPEG to a JPG in Windows. One option is to use the free online converter tool A1Office JPEG to JPG. This user-friendly tool will quickly and easily convert your JPEG files into high quality JPG files. Additionally, it offers a number of features and advantages for its users. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to convert your JPEG files, this is definitely the tool for a better user experience.

2. Is there any downloadable version of this JPEG to JPG Converter Tool?

No, there is no downloadable version of this tool as its a web-based tool which can be used online on any web browser. Users don’t need to install or download any kind of software to use this tool.

However, if you want to scroll through useful and productive applications, we recommend installing and exploring mobile applications from the Google Play Store to access similar tools, readers and converters.

3. How do I convert a JPEG to a JPG on a Mac?

A1Office JPEG to JPG is a free converter tool that can be used online for Mac. With this software, you can easily convert JPEG to JPG on your Mac within seconds. Simply add the file you want to convert, and select the convert option.

This is an online web-based software which can be easily used on Mac as well. If you want to convert the converted JPG to Word file to access editable information you can use our JPG to Doc free conversion tool.

4. What is the support contact for the A1Office JPEG to JPG converter tool?

For any kind of queries related to this tool you can contact our support team.